Your Archetype Blend


Img_personal_the-mastermindMastermind 34 %

Img_personal_the-inventorInventor 33 %  Img_personal_the-strategistStrategist 33 %

Your Traits

  • Innovative
  • Independent
  • Self-directed
  • Leader
  • Planner
  • Idea-generator

Workplace Approach

You are probably quite comfortable working alone and may actively prefer it. You prefer one-on-one discussions to big group meetings. You might dislike giving presentations. You are quite open at taking criticism. You are able to respond calmly to crises. You probably don’t need much feedback. You might be happy to work quietly in background.

You tend to like a fast-paced environment. You might get bored with anything slow and methodical. You are happiest when projects develop quickly. You tend to dislike sticking to a schedule. You might treat deadlines as flexible guidelines rather than requirements. You’d much rather manage your own time having to fit with another’s calendar. You tend to be independent and like to do things in your own way.

Your unique Archetype blend


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